Cambridge Primary Maths


The project

Cambridge Primary Maths is an innovative teaching package combining online and print resources mapped to the internationally renowned Cambridge Primary curriculum.

We were approached to illustrate, design and typeset the interiors of all 15 books in this series, ranging from early years up to grade 6.

    Our solution

    We worked closely with the project managers to establish an effective and engaging design for the series. Then typesetting, illustrating and finalising all 15 books, ensuring the layout was logical and easy to follow for students and teachers.

    The challenge was to keep a consistency in early years books and all the way up to grade 6 where the maths problems were far more complex.


    Typesetting // Illustration // Book Design // Page Layout

    You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I would love to work with you again
    — Melody Dawes, Just Content